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What is SignServer?

SignServer is an application framework performing cryptographic operations for other applications. It's intended to be used in environments where keys are supposed to be protected in hardware but it isn't possible to connect such hardware to existing enterprise applications or where the operations are considered extra sensitive so the hardware has to be protected more carefully. Another usage is to provide a simplified method to provide signatures in different application managed from one location in the company.

SignServer is based on loadable modules that perform various operations. SignServer has ready to use modules for:

  • TimeStamp Authority (RFC 3161 compliant and MS authenticode)
  • Signers for different documents: PDF, XML, XAdES (BES and T), ODF, OOXML, MRTD (ePassport document signer)
  • General purpose signers: CMS
  • Validators for documents: XML, XAdES-BES, XAdES-T

The modules can be used using HTTP or web services interfaces. SignServer also contains functions for:

  • Certificate Validation Service Framework for validating certificates using CRLs or OCSP

SignServer has been designed for high-availability and can be clustered for maximum reliability.

Different kinds of tokens can be used to perform sign and crypto operations:

  • Soft token using JKS or PKCS12 files.
  • PKCS#11 HSM tokens, such as the Utimaco CryptoServer, SafeNet ProtectServer and Luna, nCipher nShield or AEP KeyPer.

What's new in SignServer 3.5?

Some of the major new features in version 3.5 are:

  • Support for JBoss AS 7.1, JBoss EAP 6.1 and GlassFish 3.1
  • Support for MariaDB
  • Support for JDK 7
  • Complete worker configuration from the Admin GUI
  • Document signer and validator for XML Advanced Electronic Signatures

More information can be found in the manual or in the changelog.

Open Source Software

SignServer is OSI Certified Open Source Software. OSI Certified is a certification mark of the Open Source Initiative.

The source code of SignServer is hosted on and all downloads include the complete source code.